State Department: ‘Small Number’ of Clinton Emails Being Withheld Due to ‘Executive Privilege Purposes’

Late Tuesday evening the State Department released the latest tranche of emails that Hillary Clinton had submitted from her time as secretary of state. The stack of emails contains silly requests from asking for an iced tea to her inability to use a fax machine.

Chairman of the Select House Committee on Benghazi Trey Gowdy has sought some of the emails that Clinton had submitted. The Obama administration and the State Department have shut down Gowdy’s request, citing executive privilege. State Department spokesman John Kirby acknowledged Wednesday a "small number" had been withheld for "executive privilege purposes."

The State Department has also locked down 25 emails citing that the emails contained confidential information, counteracting Clinton’s claims that she did not send confidential material via email.

Kirby said that the action is "not uncommon" and is "not atypical."