‘Seems like bad form’

Rosen attended State Dinner with lobbying client

Despite vocal protestations from the White House, Democratic strategist and lobbyist Hilary Rosen seems to have deep ties to the administration, even attending a State Dinner in March with her client, John Kelly, a Microsoft executive.

At least one political observer said it was in "bad form" for Rosen to bring Kelly to an official State Dinner.

"Hilary Rosen brought 1 of her clients, Microsoft exec John Kelly, to state dinner at WH?" Politico reporter Kenneth Vogel tweeted today. "Seems like bad form."

Politico further reports that Rosen, a lobbyist for the firm SKDKnickerbocker, is not as distant from the White House as press secretary Jay Carney has tried to imply.

"Readers will remember that Rosen and the White House aren't so distant," the outlet reports. "At the State Dinner in March, Rosen attended with her client John Kelly of Microsoft."