Schock: American Weakness in Ukraine, Syria Rattling Asian Allies

Rep. Aaron Schock (R., Ill.) said America's Asian allies such as Japan are growing increasingly concerned about the United States fulfilling its security related treaty obligations Monday on Morning Joe.

Schock, who just got back from a Congressional delegation to the region, revealed consternation about America's international weakness came up in "nearly every meeting."

Speaking to the questions he was asked on his trip, Schock said Japaense officials told him "we have seen the inaction in Syria, we're very concerned about the inaction in Ukraine. What does that mean about our commitment from you if and when we were to get into a military conflict?"

Additionally, the Illinois congressman said Japan has become so worried about the United States's resolve to assist in a potential conflict with China that Prime Minister Shinzō Abe took the unprecedented step of asking the Japanese Supreme Court to reinterpret their constitution to allow for increased defense of their country.

"I think it's why the president was asked that same question later in the week when we visited."