Rogin: NSC Urged Obama to Give Body Armor to Syrian Rebels

Josh Rogin discusses his recent report in Foreign Policy:

"The National Security Council (NSC) recommended that the United States give non-lethal military assistance such as body armor and night vision goggles to the Syrian rebels last month, but U.S. President Barack Obama did not approve the recommendation, The Cable has learned."

"The president's move, experts and lawmakers say, shows the extent of the president's unwillingness to move past the administration's standing policy of limiting U.S. support to the Syrian opposition to humanitarian, medical, and communications assistance."

"On Capitol Hill, lawmakers in both parties have become increasingly critical of the White House's Syria policy as the death toll mounts and the refugee problem worsens. There are now an estimated 80,000 deaths from the two-year conflict, according to the U.N., and the number of external refugees has topped 1 million."