Rogers: We Have Just Rewarded Very Bad And Dangerous Behavior

Not everyone is optimistic about the new nuclear deal with Iran. Rep. Mike Rogers  (R., Mich.) expressed his concern about the deal to CNN’s Candy Crowley on State of The Union Sunday morning.

On the deal, Rogers said, "We have just rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior. So think about what this agreement does. It says you can continue to enrich. That's what the Iranians believe. And they have made no changes, no changes in development nuclear weapon program and I can tell that you with a high degree of certainty."

Crowley asked Rogers what the real Iran is today.

"Iran has not changed," he said. "The force which is their arm, their terrorist arm that does state-sponsored terrorism activities around the world, again, including trying an attempt in the United States, they continue their cyber efforts to attack according to public reports financial institutions in the United States. None of that has changed. The only things that changed is you have now given them a permission slip to continue enrichment."