Report: Jewish Teacher Stabbed in Marseille By Islamic State Supporters

French flags fly as the closed Eiffel Tower is seen in the background on the first of three days of national mourning in Paris / AP
November 18, 2015

A Jewish teacher was stabbed in Marseille, France, Wednesday evening reportedly by individuals claiming to be Islamic State supporters.

Sky News reported that three assailants stabbed the teacher Wednesday and that prosecutors said the attackers claimed to be backers of the terrorist group. The assailants yelled anti-Semitic statements while attacking the teacher, the Daily Beast reported.

The three attackers approached the Jewish teacher in the street while riding scooters, Marseilles prosecutor Brice Robin stated, according to Reuters. One of the assailants was wearing an Islamic State t-shirt.

"The three people insulted, threatened, and then stabbed their victim in the arm and leg. They were interrupted by the arrival of a car and fled," Robin explained.

One of the attackers pulled up a photo on his phone of Mohamed Merah, an Islamic jihadist who killed seven individuals in multiple attacks in France in 2012, while stabbing the teacher.

The teacher’s wounds are non-life threatening. He was later identified as Tziyon Saadon, a history and geography teacher who is in his fifties.

The reports come just days after coordinated terror attacks in Paris killed 129 people and wounded hundreds of others. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

This post will be updated as further information becomes available.

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