Ralph Peters Epic Chechen Rant

'Chechen gangsters make Mexican drug lords look like sissies'

Fox News contributor Ralph Peters tore into U.S./Chechen immigration policy Wednesday on "American Live."

Peters took particular issue with the State Department's decision to grant visas to the Tsarnaev family, stating "They added nothing to the United States, they brought no skills":

RALPH PETERS: [...] the elder Tsarnaev, Tamerlan was a legal resident. And there is only so far the FBI can push without more proof, warrants, etc. Plus, we over interpret it, it's politically correct. So he just had to say "no, I'm not radical, there's nobody here but us chickens" that's that. But the other problem that we have is that our immigration system is broken. It's broken in ways the immigration bill in Congress does not correct. For example, why on earth did our consular officials in the Russian federation give visas to this family? They added nothing to the United States, they brought no skills. They were Chechens. Chechens, I have been in that part of the world. They are the biggest thugs on earth. Chechen gangsters make Mexican drug lords look like sissies. These are phenomenally violent people, both the secular gangsters and the jihadis. All they had to say, all the elder Tsarnaev had to say is "I'm in danger here, I'm a political refugee I need asylum" and, bang, we give this guy and make him a friend with benefits that come here, collect welfare for years, get radicalized, guy beats up his girlfriend and his wife. We don't do anything about it and then he attacks the Boston Marathon. And that's another story.