Peters: Under Proposed Pentagon Budget Navy Could Not Fight War With China

• February 25, 2014 11:12 pm


Fox News military analyst Ralph Peters said under the proposed Pentagon budget the U.S. Navy could not fight a war with China Tuesday on Hannity.

Peters said although expensive weapons programs like the $350 million F-22 were supposed to be a cure all for future military conflicts, serious deficiencies are evident across different branches of the military. "We have carriers that are wonderful tools for showing the force, [but] they couldn't survive in a war with China," he said.

Hannity asked Peters if the proposed Pentagon cuts risk the United States upending the balance of power across the globe and ceding international control and influence to a nation far more hostile to freedom.

Peters agreed, adding maritime power will be a crucial factor in determining the outcome of future military conflicts, particularly in a possible conflict with China.

"Yeah, well, you know, I don't necessarily like it. But to an extent we are the world's policemen. We have to pick which marital spats we get in the middle of. But we need a global capability. Even though I'm here saying the army is going to be too small. We're going to cut the troops we really need, the best trained troops we've ever had in our history, I'm nonetheless a believer that this is primarily a maritime mission. 400 years ago, Sir Walter Raleigh said he who controls the oceans controls the world. In a war with China, that's the big elephant in the room that nobody will talking about, that's what Hagel is talking around. If you have to fight China, the only way to fight it is control the seas and our Navy won't be able to do that."

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