Paul Touts ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ Toward Iran

• February 6, 2013 6:10 pm


Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) was a guest in CNN's "The Situation Room" Wednesday, where he elaborated on a foreign policy speech he gave earlier at the Heritage Foundation, as well as what he thinks should be a "strategic ambiguity" when it comes to the nuclear threat of Iran.

Paul said he did not completely disagree or agree with the Obama administration's stated position of prevention, not containment, of Iran's nuclear program.

"I do think there should be a strategic ambiguity, "Paul said. "We should never announce that we're going to contain a nuclear Iran, but I also think it's unwise to say that we're never going to contain a nuclear Iran. I think being silent on some issues is better, because there is a chance one day we wake up like we did with North Korea, like we did with China, like we did with India, like we did with Pakistan, if we preclude all responses other than war, then that's what we will have is war, if we wake up one day and find that they are. Even if they were preemptively bombed, there's still a chance that they get a nuclear weapon at some point in time."

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