MoveOn Disses Barron

The liberal advocacy group MoveOn has decried controversial New York Democrat Charles Barron as someone who "doesn’t belong in elected office," according to an email blast the group recently beamed to supporters.

Barron, who is vying to be a Democratic nominee for Congress, has riled his fellow liberals due to his anti-Semitic and often bizarre policy stances.

"There are some people who don’t belong in elected office. Charles Barron is one of those people," MoveOn wrote, according to a report in BuzzFeed. "What Barron doesn’t want you to know is that rather than actually trying to fix problems, he’s spent his career specializing in divisive, offensive, and just plain outrageous statements and behavior."

"Can you pass on this email to make sure no voter in the 8th District is fooled by Barron’s recent attempts to whitewash his record?" the email asks.