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Marine Creates Mobile App to Arrange Pick-Up Games

First Lt. Jeremy Graves, an air traffic control officer in the Marine Corps, was sick of wasting time waiting and hoping that people would show up to a gym to play a game of basketball, so he created an app for that.

Graves created an app so that users can find a group of people who want to play the same sport, a helpful tool for military members who are frequently being transferred to different locations around the world and have to meet new people.

The Department of Defense science blog Armed With Science profiled Graves and his creation.

Graves created the app, "I Got Next," after he went to the gym on base one weekend and ended up waiting a total of seven hours for others to show up to play basketball.

After the weekend, Graves found out that he had just missed out on a game; he left shortly before one began.

"I Got Next" can be used all around the world and for multiple different sports.

Graves is about to transition to work as a civilian for the Federal Aviation Administration.