Keane: U.S. Needs Comprehensive Strategy to Defeat Radical Islam

‘It’s a growing menace’

Retired General Jack Keane on Tuesday argued the U.S. and its allies are in need of a "comprehensive strategy" and must form a "geopolitical alliance" in order to defeat radical Islam.

"We have no comprehensive strategy to defeat this ideology. That is one of our major problems that this country is facing. We should be having shared partnerships with countries that are dealing with this issue. Sharing intelligence, sharing training, sharing technology, and sharing equipment. We don't have a single geopolitical alliance like NATO that we used to defeat the Soviet Union with in this part of the world," Keane said on Happening Now.

"If we allow radical Islamist sanctuaries to grow and fester as we did with the one in Afghanistan for almost 10 years that eventually can become a menace to the United States, Europe and to other countries," Keane warned.