John Bolton: We Need to Start Treating Russia Like an Adversary

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton told Megyn Kelly Thursday, "I think we've got to begin to treat Russia like the adversary that Putin is currently demonstrating it to be."

Discussing the crash of a Malaysian plane in Ukraine which the government believes was taken down by a surface-to-air missile, Bolton said, "I think the issue is what this tragedy demonstrates about the nature of the Russian regime under Putin, and the way Russia has conducted its business over the past ten years. And I think it should be a wakeup call not simply in the context of the conflict in Ukraine, but for the United States and Europe generally about what Russia's up to and how we should respond."

Bolton recommended "going back in to Poland and the Czech Republic and re-establishing our missile defense program there."

The former ambassador criticized President Obama's "policy of appeasement" with Russia, arguing, "While I don't think anybody could have foreseen this specific tragedy, it is entirely understandable that something like this has happened because of the way Putin has perceived American weakness. And I think we've got to change both the reality and the perception of that."