Israeli Ambassador: Isolationism Growing in U.S.

September 4, 2013

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren said in an interview Wednesday that Americans are becoming more isolationist, though their support for Israel is higher than ever, according to Israel Hayom.

The wars in the Middle East and poor economic situation in the United States caused the American public to adopt more isolationist views, Oren said.

Oren said Israel has bipartisan support in Congress and the American public.

Oren told Israel Hayom: 

"Israel always interests the American citizen, but there is a weariness over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The economic crisis has led America toward a deepening isolationism. Still, this has not had an effect on our long-standing, deep strategic alliance with the U.S. We're talking about a special relationship in all of its aspects, beyond the strategic ties." ...

"The results of the 2012 elections are more significant than the results of the 2008 elections. There is a new political reality in the U.S. different than what we knew some 30 years ago. The changes are happening, but the support for Israel within American society remains strong. This attests to our success in reading the changing winds there and acting accordingly. This has huge significance as it has direct influence on the administration's support for protecting Israel, including diplomatic support at the United Nations and other international forums.