Inherent Resolve Spokesman Briefs on Latest Gains Against ISIS in Iraq, Syria

April 24, 2018

The spokesman for the Operation Inherent Resolve Combined Joint Task Force, Army Col. Ryan Dillon, spoke Tuesday about the latest successes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Dillon, speaking from Baghdad, Iraq, shared a couple videos of airstrikes against the terrorist group while describing how Iraqi and coalition forces have detained suspected terrorists, destroyed ISIS tunnel systems, and destroyed ISIS weapons caches.

"In the past week, the Iraqi Security Forces continued to aggressively pursue ISIS remnants throughout the country, destroying four tunnel systems and locating 27 weapons caches and more than 30 improvised explosive devices and mortars throughout Iraq," Dillon said. "During their operations, the ISF also detained nine suspected ISIS terrorists."

Dillon said in many places, there are "encouraging signs" life for civilians in Iraq and Syria is getting back to normal, with freedom of religion secured and reconstruction underway.

The two videos Dillon shared showed coalition strikes taking out an ISIS headquarters building and an ISIS vehicle-borne IED facility, both in Syria. He noted good intelligence sources were responsible for the ability to conduct such strikes.

"The coalition's ability to effectively target and destroy remaining ISIS terrorists is largely due to a constant overhead presence of various intelligence surveillance and recognizance platforms that continually soak up intelligence on ISIS in southeast Syria and along the Syria-Iraq border," he said.

Dillon also praised the Syrian Democratic Forces' capture of a German ISIS member who was known for recruiting members.

"The Syrian Democratic Forces continue to prove they are a capable force, defeating ISIS throughout most of north and eastern Syria, but also detaining hundreds of foreign terrorist fighters," Dillon said. "Terrorist fighters in the region are attempting to sneak away, to establish new safe havens, or return back to their home countries to recruit, plot, and execute attacks."

Dillon said the Raqqa Internal Security Forces, local forces in the Syrian city, are also ensuring ISIS forces do not return to liberated areas.

Tuesday's briefing was Dillon's last planned in his current role.