Hillary Clinton Again Lays Out ‘Defeat ISIS’ Strategy for Defeating ISIS

• December 15, 2015 5:26 pm


Hillary Clinton again laid out her "defeat ISIS" plan for defeating ISIS during a speech in Minneapolis on Tuesday, saying she would defeat ISIS by defeating ISIS.

In a speech last month before the Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton was mocked for her strategy that resembled a list of goals rather than an actual counterterrorism plan and she repeated it Tuesday.

Clinton stayed with the talking points in Minneapolis.

"One, defeat ISIS in the Middle East by smashing its stronghold, hitting its fighters, leaders and infrastructure and intensifying support for local forces who can pursue them on the ground," Clinton said. "Second, defeat them around the world by dismantling the global network of terror that supplies radical jihadists with money, arms, propaganda and fighters.

"Third, defeat them here at home by foiling plots, disrupting radicalization and hardening our defenses. Now these three lines of effort reinforce one another, so we need to pursue them all at once using every pillar of American power."

To sum up, Clinton will defeat ISIS by defeating them in the Middle East, around the world and at home through such methods as "foiling plots," "hitting its fighters" and "dismantling the global network of terror."

Clinton remains the clear frontrunner to capture the Democratic presidential nomination.

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