Gen. Hayden Calls Benghazi Narrative Unforgiveable

Gen. Michael Hayden / AP

Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, said the Obama administration’s false account of the Benghazi attacks is "not understandable" or "forgivable," reports Newsmax:

"I’ve been in these kinds of circumstances where if you’ve got a worldview, if you’ve got a narrative that you believe in, you try to make the facts presented to you fit the narrative," Hayden said. "I fear there may have been some people in our government who kind of fell into that trap in the days after Benghazi, which is understandable and, frankly, forgivable, and then in the weeks after Benghazi, which is not understandable and is not forgivable."

"Anyone like me who saw those events would quickly conclude it was a terrorist attack," Hayden said. "It was fairly complex, synchronized, direct and indirect fire weapons on multiple locations, and it took place in a part of Libya that was the heartland of the Libyan Islamic fighting group."

Additionally, Hayden said Wednesday’s Oversight Committee hearing raised further questions about how the Benghazi attack could have been prevented or better handled.

"If you had this very short menu of very bad choices to make during the event, why is that? Why do you put people in harm’s way the way we did when there was solid intelligence that Benghazi was very dangerous?" he said. "And then, afterward, I guess I would say don’t treat me like a child. It’s very obvious as to what happened here so give me some clarity, rather than obfuscating what really happened on the ground."