Christie Rips Kerry’s Charlie Hebdo Remarks: ‘Get Some Sleep and Shut Up’

• November 18, 2015 10:33 am


Gov. Chris Christie (R., N.J.) said that Secretary of State John Kerry "needs to get some sleep and shut up" Wednesday in response to Kerry’s comment that he could see a "rationale" behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

"He needs to get some sleep and shut up, is what he needs. That's disgraceful," Christie said.

He proceeded to condemn the Obama administration for its misguided, "weak" words and actions.

"This is the same president who is sitting around saying that somehow it's everyone else's fault. He's the guy who drew the red line in Syria and didn't enforce it, didn't set up a no-fly zone, or these refugees wouldn't have to be leaving their own country," he said.

The administration’s "mixed signals" have left the American people feeling unsafe, according to Christie.

"For the secretary of state of the United States to stand up and say that there is some rationale for what happened in January – these are the kind of weak, mixed signals that this administration sends, that helps to really make the American people think there is no one watching the store, and there isn't," he said.

Christie also echoed the criticism that President Obama, along with his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have divided Washington and America by aiming blame and harsh rhetoric at Republicans.

"For this president to blame Republicans – this is what he and Hillary Clinton always do. You remember back to her debate […] when she said one of the enemies she is most proud of are Republicans," he said. "This is why the city is so divided in Washington, D.C., and our country is divided, because they speak that way."