Carney: ‘No Question’ Ebola Outbreak Puts Obama ‘In A Bad Light’

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said there is "no question" that the environment caused by the Islamic State, Ukraine, and Ebola crises has put President Obama in a "bad light."

"You don’t get to choose the crisis you deal with as a president," Carney said. "I think in the end, this is not a political issue. It's an issue that has to be handled. There is no question in this environment it all washes back on the White House and that puts him in a bad light."

Carney addressed the crisis of confidence leadership after CNN’s Chris Cuomo pointed out that Americans have no idea who runs the show when major problems arise.

"In that situation, ultimately it’s the president, because it's his administration that’s charged with all aspects," Carney said.

"Ultimately, all of these things, again, crises you can't control or arise not because of actions by the administration, have to be the president's responsibility, which is why the White House is taking the steps it's taking."