BleachBit Creator: Clinton’s Wiped Emails Can Still Be Found That Were Sent to Third Party

August 29, 2016

Andrew Ziem, the creator of the software program BleachBit that Hillary Clinton allegedly used to permanently wipe emails from her private server while at the State Department, said Monday morning it is possible the emails still exist on third-party servers.

Ziem spoke with Stuart Varney on Fox Business and confirmed that it is impossible to recover deleted emails from Clinton’s server after using his program. There is a possibility, however, that the emails Clinton deleted were copied by a third party email server, Ziem said. He also cautioned those who use BleachBit to do so carefully.

Ziem explained how the program worked, saying, "What BleachBit can do is delete the data off of the server on which it was run ... A challenge for Hillary, though, would be that emails that she sent out to the Senate email servers and to other parties, that’s beyond the scope of BleachBit."

"Whenever an email is sent from her server to another email address, for example someone at, it creates copies, and I assume that Hillary Clinton even herself doesn’t have control over all those third-party email servers, only her own," Zeim said.

While the Department of Justice decided not to press charges against Hillary Clinton for potentially mishandling classified material over her private server, the email scandal has been a major controversy surrounding her presidential campaign. Emails recovered by the FBI and released by watchdog group Judicial Watch have revealed overlapping interests between the Clinton Foundation and State Department, with high-dollar foundation donors getting greater access to the department.