2020 Man of the Year: Anti-Cyclist FedEx Guy

Getty Images
December 24, 2020

The "Thank You Heroes" signs supplanted "Hate Has No Home Here" as the go-to fashion accessory for otherwise immaculately landscaped lawns sometime in April. The signs pointed to the obvious candidates: doctors, nurses, and EMTs who became known as "frontline" workers in the war against the China virus. A more comprehensive version popped up in the suburbs sometime in May, thanking the delivery drivers who made it possible for upper-middle-class busybodies to continue to brag online about how they "believed in science." One can picture the legions of laid-off waiters and small-business owners turned Amazon drivers smiling at the gesture of appreciation as they dropped off cases of toilet paper and groceries to the office workers who cheered their economic ruin at Zoom cocktail parties.

Liberals soon learned the hard way that you should never meet your heroes. In November, Baltimore city councilman Ryan Dorsey (D., Gentrification) took to Twitter to remind everyone that cyclists were Karens long before the China virus. Dorsey accosted the delivery driver for confusing an asphalt roadway for a place that automotive vehicles belong rather than a playground for white liberals. The FedEx driver could have reacted angrily, but instead took pity on his spandex-clad accuser. He even offered Dorsey some helpful advice, recognizing that the councilman's bachelors degree in music composition from the Peabody Conservatory (2020 Tuition: $53,630) left him with a poor understanding of transit policy.

"Get a car," the driver said.

That Baltimore FedEx driver proved he is more than just a hero: He is a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.