2016 Man of the Year: Hillary’s Face Fly

• December 29, 2016 2:00 pm


From David to Joan of Arc to Stuart Little, history teaches that big heroism often comes in small packages.

One hero from 2016 teaches that lesson better than ever before. At great risk to his own life, he delivered a message that may well have saved the world from Hillary Clinton.

The date was October 9, and things looked grim for the United States of America. As the nation's presidential candidates met at Washington University in St. Louis for the second debate, Clinton led by 4.6 points in the Real Clear Politics average—she appeared to be proceeding slowly but inexorably toward her coronation. Less than one month later, her lead had collapsed to one point; one week after that, the country vanquished her for the final time, banishing her to Chappaqua to live out her final days.

What—or who?—is responsible for this stunning reversal, this miracle of deliverance? The answer is found in a split-second event that stunned the world:


There. Did you catch that? Slow the tape and roll again.


Look at that fly perform a touch-and-go on Clinton's face. He risked being swatted—and he did it for us.

Eagle-eyed viewers immediately noticed the momentous event.

Still, it took a while to unpack the full significance of the fly's message. After several days combing through library annexes for ancient texts, the Free Beacon cracked the code:

"In the Dutch Vanitas tradition, flies symbolize the fleeting nature of time and the speed with which death arrives," according to the authoritative Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in Art. European art often depicts flies perched on human skulls as a memento mori, or reminder that our death looms just around the corner.

According to the website History of Painters, "A fly hovering over a … nobleman indicates disfavor with the king or corruption and dereliction of duty." [Emphasis added]

The fly was telling the world that Hillary Clinton was a shambling corpse neck-deep in corruption. And it seems the message got through—as the election results show, our winged messenger reached enough voters to save our nation, and by extension the world.

Way to go, fly guy. You're a Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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