Hamas Violates Truce With Explosive Attack on IDF, Israel Says

Palestinian Hamas militants (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
November 28, 2023

The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday accused Hamas of violating the terms of the temporary ceasefire agreement by targeting IDF troops with explosives.

"Over the last hour, three explosive devices were detonated adjacent to IDF troops in two different locations in northern Gaza, violating the framework of the operational pause," the IDF stated on Monday.

The IDF added that the soldiers, who were located in the agreed-upon ceasefire lines, returned fire and that "a number" of troops were "lightly injured" in the engagements.

Hamas in turn accused Israel of violating the agreement first. The group said, however, that it would continue to abide by the terms of the truce so long as Israel followed suit.

Israel and Hamas agreed to pause hostilities last week to facilitate the exchange of Palestinian prisoners for Israeli hostages. They reached a deal Monday to continue the truce for two more days, with the same conditions as the prior agreement.

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