WaPo: Bill Clinton is ‘So Disliked’ in Haiti Due to Foundation Spending ‘He Couldn’t Run for Mayor’

The Clinton Foundation raised hundreds of millions of dollars for Haitian recovery efforts, but where and how the money was spent is coming under scrutiny. After the 2010 Haitian earthquake that devastated the country, the United Nations appointed Bill Clinton as head of emergency recovery efforts.

The Clinton Foundation denied allegations of wasteful spending, saying that it does not matter where the money came from but that it is being spent doing good things around the world.

With much of the country still in ruin and most Haitians living in tents, the Haitian people are starting to believe that the money had gone only to help out the Clintons’ wealthy friends.

"There are quotes from Haitians that Bill Clinton is do disliked down there that he couldn’t even run for mayor," said the Washington Post’s Colby Itkowitz.

The Washington Post reports that most of the money has gone to open lavish luxury hotels. The hotels have remained mostly empty since tourism has not increased in the five years since the earthquake. There have also been reports that the contracts went to foreign investors rather than Haitian contractors.