‘USA Today’ Warns of ‘Chainsaw Bayonet’ AR-15 Attachments

USA Today warned Americans on Wednesday of the possibility that a chainsaw bayonet could be strapped to an AR-15 rifle. 

In a video posted to its Twitter page, the news publication attempted to explain the AR-15 rifle to its readership. The video detailed random components of an AR-15 like the trigger, buttstock, handguard, and sights but not other integral parts like the upper receiver, lower receiver, or grip.

It then showed a seemingly random collection of "possible modifications" to the AR-15, "some common, some rare." Examples included in the video were a 100-round magazine, shotgun attachment, and a novelty trigger crank. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the publication warned of the existence of a chainsaw bayonet. 

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Presumably, USA Today includes the chainsaw bayonet among the rare "possible modifications" as its existence doesn't extend beyond a joking proof of concept and is not readily available on the open market. 

The publication's video then moved onto the specifics of the AR-15 the Texas church shooter allegedly used in his attack. Thankfully, the publication clarified in a follow-up tweet that it was not claiming the Texas church shooter used a "chainsaw bayonet" during his attack. 

The video was the subject of wide-spread mockery on Twitter in the hours after it was first published.