U.S. Army Awards Medal of Heroism to Three Junior ROTC Cadets Killed in Parkland Shooting

Memorial for Peter Wang / Getty Images


The U.S. Army has awarded the Medal of Heroism to three Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps cadets who were killed during the Parkland, Florida, school shooting last week.

The Army presented the medal to the family of Alaina Petty, 14, at a memorial service on Monday, and will give it to the family of Peter Wang, 15, during his memorial service on Tuesday, the Daily Beast first reported. The family of Martin Duque, 14, will receive the medal on Saturday.

The Medal of Heroism recognizes cadets who display courage in actions that "involved the acceptance of danger and extraordinary responsibilities."

All three students were enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. During last week's shooting there that killed 17 people, Petty, Wang, and Duque all worked to protect their classmates.

The suspected shooter, Nikolas Cruz, who has been charged with 17 counts of murder, is a former member of the school's JROTC program.

Wang's heroism drew media attention after it was revealed that he put himself in harm's way and delayed his own escape, possibly resulting in his death, by holding the door open for his fellow classmates during the shooting.

The Medal of Heroism is one of the Army's highest honors for ROTC cadets.

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