‘The View’ Goes Pro-Gun

During Tuesday’s episode of The View, three out of the four panelists admitted that they keep a gun in their homes and then argued other women should follow suit.

Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy, and guest co-host Juliet Huddy of Fox News all spoke from experience when saying how important it is for women to have the ability to protect themselves and their families.

NewsBusters reports:

First up Shepherd offered her "flipside" to the ad that featured a man assaulting her mother and child with a gun: "The flipside is when I was at my home and the alarm went off, and I ran to my son’s bedroom and Jeffrey was crying, and I realized all I had to protect me and somebody coming around that corner was a daggone wicker trash basket. And I said to myself and everybody said to me, ‘well get a bat.’ You got one chance to use a bat and if they take it away. ‘Get pepper stray.’ You know how close they got to get to you, if you use pepper spray? You got one of these? [makes a gesture like she’s holding a gun and makes a sound of cocking a gun] They’re not gonna come near you and your child! So when you’re standing there, and you don’t know how to protect your child? Get a gun in your home!"

Huddy then shared the time she was faced with a stalker: "And I remember feeling so vulnerable. And I just remember constantly going to sleep at night wishing that I could go over and grab my dad’s gun." McCarthy had a similar experience to Shepherd as she revealed: "I’ve been in circumstances like Sherri where, you know people tried to break in and I’m with my son going, I wish I had something to protect myself with."

When Spencer expressed her nervousness that "I have two kids. I would never want a gun in the house," both Shepherd and McCarthy tried to assuage her fears.

(h/t IJReview)