Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reacts to Santa Fe High School Shooting

• May 18, 2018 4:12 pm


Gov. Greg Abbott (R., Texas) reacted to a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas on Friday, providing updates about the shooter and the victims, and telling Texans "we must come together as one community."

Abbott confirmed ten were killed and another ten were wounded at Santa Fe High School on Friday morning.

"We grieve for the victims who lost their lives at Santa Fe High School and we pray for the families who are suffering and will continue to suffer in the days to come," Abbott said. "Nothing can prepare a parent for the loss of a child. This will be a long and painful time for these parents as they work their way through what has to be the greatest challenge they've ever dealt with."

"We mourn with them. We mourn as fellow Texans, but we must come together as one community at this time of enormous suffering and show the victims and their families the support they need and they deserve," Abbott said.

The governor thanked the first responders at Friday's shooting and the investigators who were still working at the scene and elsewhere. He said while work continues, searches may be slowed because of the possibility of finding additional explosive devices. A molotov cocktail and a CO2 device had already been found.

Abbott said the suspect, a student at the school, wanted to commit suicide; however, he was arrested and is being held by authorities. The governor also said there were one or two other individuals who were being looked at by authorities.

The weapons used at the shooting were a shotgun and a .38 revolver, based on information obtained from law enforcement. The suspect did not legally own or possess them, but rather, is believed to have obtained them from his father, who legally owned them. It it not clear at this time if the suspect obtained the weapons from his father with permission.

Joining Abbott at the press conference were Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R.), and officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety and FBI.

Watch additional updates from Abbott on the Sante Fe High School shooting:

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