Spanish-Speaking Texans Having Trouble Navigating Obamacare Website

• January 15, 2014 1:47 pm


The Obamacare Spanish version website, dubbed, is causing difficulty for Spanish-Speaking Texas Residents trying to enroll in the health exchange.

The website launched two months late. Prior to that, Spanish speaking Americans attempting to enroll in the health exchange had to use the English Obamacare website.

Elizabeth Colvin, Insurance Central Texas Director, told KTBC-TX: "It’s a very intimidating topic, and there are all these terms that people are not familiar with- deductible, copay, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximum."

She added: "At least 50 percent of our customers speak only Spanish or prefer to be served in Spanish."

Counselors are available to help Spanish-speaking Americans navigate the website, but the exchange still confuses people.

"We have every single customer who says ‘I tried, I get stuck on this,’ or ‘I already have my account’ or ‘I already have my eligibility letter and I don’t know what else to do,’" Glirsa "Gigi" Veliz, a counselor who helps Spanish-speaking Americans, explained.

Since the site became active, some users have reported disappointment and frustration with the functionality and language.

The website translates ‘premium’ into ‘prima’ which means female cousin in Spanish.

Another problem with the Spanish website: when users go to select an insurance plan, the choices are all in English.

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