Reporters Laugh as WH Tries to Explain Why Keystone Review Has Taken More Than 2,300 Days

Being Press Secretary of the White House is a tough job. Explaining why the President of the United States has gone 2,300 days without delivering a decision on a major project would be a tall order for anyone.

Reporters at the White House press briefing could not contain their laughter when Josh Earnest tried to explain the Keystone XL review.

Even Earnest himself delivered sarcasm in his response when he said there was no doubt that the State Department was conducting an "in-depth" review.

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Some have accused the White House of attempting to stall on delivering a judgment on the Keystone XL pipeline in hopes to run out the clock with only a year and a half left in Obama’s presidency.

The pipeline has been a troublesome issue for Obama, splitting him between his environmentalist base and the majority of Americans who want the jobs that come with the project.