Reporter Behind Aziz Ansari Piece Sends Sexist, Demeaning Email to HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield

A writer at the website sent a nasty email to HLN host Asheligh Banfield after she criticized the writer's reporting of a #MeToo allegation against comedian Aziz Ansari.

The hitherto obscure site was thrust into national prominence when it published an account of one New York City woman's date with the "Master of None" star, which she termed the "the worst night of my life." The anonymous woman claimed Ansari pressured her to engage in sexual activity despite "verbal and non-verbal cues" she felt differently.

But the website was criticized by several media outlets for running the story, which seemingly did not describe any criminal behavior. Among the critics was Banfield, who told the anonymous woman that, "by your own clear description, this was not a rape nor a sexual assault" and that someone's career should not be destroyed over a "bad date."

"What you have done in my opinion is appalling," the HLN host said Monday. "You have chiseled away at a movement that I, along with all of my sisters in the workplace, have been dreaming of for decades."

The following day, Banfield revealed on-air that she received an email from the author of the piece, Katie Way, that attacked her appearance and age.

"Ashleigh Someone-I-Am-Certain-Nobody-Under-The-Age-Of-45-Has-Heard-Of," the email read. "I hope the 500 retweets on the single news writeup made that burgundy lipstick, bad highlights, second-wave feminist has-been really relevant for a little while."

Banfield slammed Way for calling herself a feminist while resorting to sexist, ad hominem attacks.

"We do not attack people for their age, or their highlights, or their lipstick," she said, "because it is the most hypocritical thing a woman who says she supports the women’s movement could ever do."