Obamacare Enrollment Problems Continue

• October 3, 2013 10:07 am


Multiple reports of Obamacare enrollment glitches continue to emerge across the country.

Local news agencies delivered numerous reports of enrollment issues in at least 34 states, the Republican National Committee said in a press release Thursday.

Enrollees in New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Washington state experienced numerous error messages and website issues when they attempted to sign up for insurance on the Obamacare exchanges yesterday.

The New York Times published two reports about the issues with the exchanges. One Times article, headlined "Problems Persist on Second Day of Insurance Markets," said that the insurance exchange websites were not able to handle the amount of web traffic it received on the second day. The second Times report said:

Many state-run systems seemed to be functioning — albeit, in some cases, slowly and with scattered problems —but the federal system operating the exchanges for 34 states remained trouble-plagued.

Meanwhile the Chicago Tribune reported that many enrollees found a "holding page" when they tried to access the online exchange signup.

The Tribune reported:

Those who visit the overburdened website may see a ‘holding page’ for a few minutes before they are able to enter the application process. Federal officials advised consumers to remain on the page and not refresh their
browsers to hold their place in line.

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