Obamacare Causes Insurance Premiums To Increase By 50% For A North Carolina Woman

A woman in North Carolina has seen her insurance plan canceled and her premium’s increasing by over 50% due to Obamacare’s regulations, WRAL-NC reports.

Ruth Ann Grimes’ plan with Blue Cross cost her $381 per month, but was cancelled because it did not meet the standards set under the Affordable Care Act. Her new plan is available for $562 per month, an increase of $181 per month, or $2,172 per year. Because her husband is a professor at North Carolina State University, she will not qualify for subsidies or tax credits.

"It’s aggravating to see that the plan that you were perfectly happy with doesn’t exist any more and you can’t keep it," Grimes said. "The Affordable Care Act did not make it very affordable for me."