NYT Columnist Fails to Disclose Husband's Work for Warren in Attack on Sanders

Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In Presidential Primary Debate In Des Moines, Iowa
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January 28, 2020

New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg failed to disclose in her Monday column criticizing Bernie Sanders that her husband is a high-paid consultant for campaign rival Elizabeth Warren.

Goldberg wrote in the column that it is "no longer far-fetched to think that Sanders could be the Democratic nominee," and added that she is "terrified" about his chances in a general election contest with President Donald Trump. She goes on to reel off potential attacks Sanders will face, noting the existence of footage of him praising the Soviet Union and attending anti-American rallies in Nicaragua.

Unmentioned in the column is that Goldberg's husband Matthew Ipcar is a top executive at Blue State Digital, a design firm that has been paid $1,080,972 by Warren's presidential campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Goldberg has in the past admitted the conflict of interest. In a column from earlier this month anointing Warren the Democratic Party's "unity candidate," Goldberg said she's been hesitant to write about the primary fight because of her husband's work.

"I’ve hesitated to write too much about the Democratic primary because I have a conflict of interest—my husband is consulting for Warren’s campaign," Goldberg disclosed. The opinion columnist first disclosed her husband's work for Warren in her January 2019 preview of the primary field, noting that he had both worked for Warren and was "fully behind her presidential candidacy."

The New York Times did not respond to a request for comment on the lack of disclosure in Goldberg's Monday column.

Ipcar is executive creative director for Blue State Digital, which has been paid smaller amounts by other 2020 presidential campaigns, including Joe Biden's. Blue State's primary work, however, has been for Warren—the firm's founder and CEO Joe Rospars is Warren's chief campaign strategist and has been described as the "architect" of her presidential campaign.

The New York Times editorial board announced just over a week ago that it was endorsing Warren for president.

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