New York Times Runs With Blank Pages Due to Censorship

Times ‘regrets any censorship of our journalism’

New York Times
Credit: Instagram user @ndubbs
• December 1, 2015 12:02 pm


The New York Times’ international edition ran with widespread blank holes on its front page on Tuesday following pressure from the Thai government, which objected to the paper’s critical coverage.

The Thai printer that publishes the Times’ international edition in the country refused to run a front page story on the Thai government’s fledgling economy and failed efforts to fix it.

A spokesperson for the New York Times confirmed that the article was censored and removed by its Thai printer on all editions published in the country.

"The article was removed by our printer in Thailand," Eileen Murphy, the paper’s spokesperson, confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday. "We were notified, but it was not a decision that the New York Times had any role in undertaking. We understand the pressures local publishers sometimes face, but we regret any censorship of our journalism."

This is reportedly the second time the paper has been censored in Thailand over the past few months.

The article, entitled, "Thai economy and spirits are sagging," was removed from the paper, leaving large blank spaces across the front page.

Press freedoms in Thailand have been severely restricted since a 2014 coup led by General Prayut Chan-o-cha, commander of the Royal Thai Army. A military junta, or ruling body, was soon established and it has severely cracked down on freedoms, including those of the press.

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