Netanyahu’s Office: Iran, Iraq Turned Down Israel’s Aid Offer After Earthquake Devastated Border Region

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu / Getty Images


After an earthquake devastated the border region of Iran and Iraq on Sunday, Israel offered to send humanitarian aid immediately, only to have the offer rejected.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered the aid on Tuesday and was turned down by Iran and Iraq right away, the Times of Israel reports.

The 7.3 magnitude earthquake killed several people in Iraq, more than 530 in Iran, and injured more than 8,000 in the region.

The Iranian government is scrambling to get aid to the worst-hit Kermanshah province, where hundreds of homes were destroyed, according to the BBC.

Netanyahu told the Jewish Federations of North America's annual General Assembly in Los Angeles about the rejected offer via video, according to theĀ Times of Israel.

"I just saw the pictures of the destruction in Iran and Iraq from this week's earthquake. And I saw these heartbreaking images of men and women and children buried under the rubble," Netanyahu said. "So I am proud to announce tonight that a few hours ago I directed that we offer the Red Cross medical assistance for the Iraqi and Iranian victims of this disaster."

"I've said many times that we have no quarrel with the people of Iran. Our quarrel is only with the tyrannical regime that holds them hostage and threatens our destruction," Netanyahu said. "But our humanity is greater than their hatred. Israel continues to be a light unto the nations and this is what I am proud of. And all of you can be proud of Israel's morals, and Israel's might."

An official in Netanyahu's office said that the offer was immediately rejected, adding, "This shows the true face of the Iranian regime."

This is not the first time Iran rebuffed such an offer from Israel to help the Iranian people. After an earthquake struck Iran in 2003, killing over 26,000 people, the Islamic Republic also declined an Israeli offer of aid.

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