NAACP Expected to Vote to Oust Current President

Civil rights group looking to reorganize to resist Trump

Cornell William Brooks / AP

The national board of the NAACP is expected to vote Friday to dismiss its current president as part of an effort to retool the organization to better resist President Trump's agenda.

The decision to part ways with Cornell William Brooks is part of a larger shake up for the storied civil rights group, according to the New York Times.

Brooks' current contract will expire in June. While the search for a new president takes place, Leon W. Russell and Derrick Johnson, the chairman and vice chairman of the board, respectively, will operate the organization.

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When asked to elaborate on why the organization decided to move on from Brooks, Russell only said the board had determined it needed a new leader.

The personnel shift is supposed to help the NAACP have a more aggressive presence in fighting the Trump administration, the Times reported.

"We have to work together with other folks, young folks, old folks, in-between folks to ensure that we stop the kind of cynicism, the kind of relapse to a bad old situation that Trump represents," Russell said.

The group has reportedly seen an increase in membership since Trump's election and plans to use its larger base to actively oppose Trump's agenda on a local scale.

Brooks did not respond to the Times‘ request for comment.