McCormack: Obamacare Isn’t an Amazon-Like Shopping Experience

December 2, 2013

The disastrous Obamacare rollout has millions of Americans panicking.

John McCormack from The Weekly Standard spoke with Fox News’ Jon Scott Monday  to discuss the utter disappointment that Americans are experiencing and the repercussions of the glitch ridden website.

The Obama administration has repeatedly assured Americans that the website is working in an attempt to defend themselves from backlash against the failed healthcare exchange, but McCormack was quick to counter the administration’s efforts: "It is simply not a success…That 80% success rate isn’t even the case. That is causing huge problems for the administration."

McCormack also shared Americans’ skepticism about the Administration’s erroneous, bogus claims about Obamacare, reiterating that the administration promised that the healthcare website would function similar to, but fell short. "I think definitely it is fair to be skeptical about the President’s claims and administration’s claims about the success of the website. We have to wait to verify. Don’t trust, but just verify."

Reports have found that insurance rates under Obamacare are soaring, but Americans cannot even see exactly how much their premiums have increased because of the Obamacare website’s numerous glitches, McCormack said.

Making matters worse, the Obamacare enrollment deadline is quickly looming. Speaking about the deadline fiasco, McCormack said: "If you don’t sign up by December 23, you won’t have coverage on January 1. We’re looking at a real possibility that Obamacare will have thrown more people off their insurance that they own privately in the individual market than the number of people who actually sign up for Obamacare."

The Obamacare disaster foreshadowed the actual enrollment mess, with McCormack predicting "I think we could see a possibility where only a couple million people, if that, have signed up by January 1."