Kennedy Labels Inhofe
‘Call Girl’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.) is a "call girl" for oil companies because he has asked the Obama administration to answer questions about its fuel and air pollution policies.

Opining on Twitter yesterday, Kennedy wrote: "Speaking of prostitutes, big oil's top call girl Sen Inhofe wants to kill fuel economy backed by automakers, small biz, enviros, & consumers."

Inhofe’s office condemned Kennedy’s inflammatory language, Politico reports.

"It's hard to believe that Robert Kennedy Jr. would choose to use such language—especially this week," Inhofe spokesperson Matt Dempsey said, alluding to talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s latest controversy, Politico reports. "I bet he now regrets it."

Kennedy stood by his tweet when approached by the outlet:

"Well, I think it's an opportunity for Americans to compare the relative moral positions of the two acts in question and which is more harmful to our country," he said. "In Sen. Inhofe's case, here's a U.S. senator whose job is to serve the American public who has made a clear and unambiguous choice to serve the moneyed interests of oil companies."

"The context with which Mr. Limbaugh used it was wrong and immoral," Kennedy Jr. added. "But it’s not immoral in using it to apply to a politician who is selling his office."