Group Launches ‘First-Ever Anti-Semite of the Year Award’
• October 23, 2019 2:00 pm


An organization working to stop the spread of anti-Jewish sentiment has announced that it is now accepting nominations for the "first ever anti-Semite of the year award."

StopAntiSemitism.Org, a watchdog group that works to expose Jew haters across the globe, announced on Wednesday that it is "calling on the public to select the most notoriously vile anti-Semites who not only spread hatred, but also incite violence against the Jewish people."

"To inform the public about today's Jew-haters, every Sunday the watchdog group features an ‘anti-Semite of the Week' on its website and social media platforms, engaging over 500,000 followers regularly," the organization said in a statement. "Past spotlights include: [Democratic representative] Ilhan Omar, Ariel Gold, David Duke, Louis Farrakhan, and more. The anti-Semite of the Year campaign will keep known anti-Semites on the public's radar and unmask new offenders."

"Nominations for the award will be accepted through November 14 on StopAntiSemitism.Org's website," according to the announcement. "The group will evaluate all submissions to determine the top contenders who have truly outdone themselves as anti-Semites. On November 21 finalists will be revealed and a public voting period will take place through December 21 to decide which bigot deserves the shameful title of 2019's Anti-Semite of the Year. Nominators and voters also have the chance to win one of ten $180 Amazon gift cards."

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