Fed Chair Yellen Won’t Say If She Will Serve Another Term

Trump has given mixed messages on her reappointment

Janet Yellen / Getty Images


Janet Yellen's term as chair of the Federal Reserve expires in February 2018—but she would not give a yes or no answer when asked if she would serve another term.

There has been speculation about whether or not President Trump would reappoint her after he criticized her performance on the campaign trail.

At the House Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.) asked Yellen about whether or not she would serve another term.

"Do you anticipate that this will be your last time testifying before this committee?" Duffy asked.

"My term expires in February and so this may well be," Yellen said.

"That's a roundabout way of asking are you seeking another term," Duffy continued.

"I've not said anything about that—I intend to serve out my term," she said.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump said that he would leave the possibility of keeping Yellen on at the Fed open.

"I like her, I respect her," Trump told the Journal. "It's very early."

Trump said that he spoke with Yellen in the White House and that she was not "toast" when her term ends.

Despite these comments, Trump criticized Yellen on the campaign trail, saying that her leading the Fed to keep interest rates low helped the Obama administration.

In October of last year, a Wall Street Journal survey found that more than a third of respondents believed Yellen should step down if asked by Trump to resign.

"The Fed has faced intense criticism in recent months from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has accused the central banks of keeping interest rates low ahead of the November election to help Democrats," WSJ says. "Mr. Trump has said he would not reappoint Ms. Yellen if he is elected president. He hasn't said whether he would ask her to resign."

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