DWS: Nothing Dems Said About Obamacare Was Untrue

Representative and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) made a weak attempt to defend President Obama’s false claim that "If you like your Health Plan, you can keep it" Tuesday morning on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co.

Jansing played a clip of Marco Rubio rebuking President Obama’s false claim. Wasserman Schultz declared "there was nothing about what President Obama or that I or any other Democrat supporting the affordable care act said that was not true."

She reassured Jansing that Americans who make the transitions (from the plans they were kicked off of to the new Obamacare plans) "will have better benefits for lower costs." Wasserman Schultz encouraged Americans "to go on the exchange and shop around" for a plan.

The exchanges has been riddled with technical glitches. Additionally, studies have shown that Americans who switch health insurance plans will actually face an increase in their healthcare coverage costs.