Cramer Says Obamacare Will Hurt Hiring

February 13, 2012

SCARBOROUGH: Starting in 2009 had people coming on this set, business leaders who had never voted Republican saying, "I'm just looking for a Republican to write a check to."

CRAMER: I'm glad you --

SCARBOROUGH: And to finish the point, the more the discussion is around social issues like this, the more the social divide between Republicans and Wall Street grows. So they're pushed back into the arms of Barack Obama.

CRAMER: This is -- look, I think the debate is a fabulous one to have, but it has completely taken away from the fact that we are really going to have a hard time hiring once this plan is put in place. I've had a couple of CEOs come on just in the last few weeks. When you talk about whether they want to hire, this is what they bring up. Chipotle, look, use this as maybe one of the great job creators in this country and they pay a lot for their people. This is a company that is very forward. When I ask them, what does Obamacare do for you? They just say, "Well, nothing we hope, because the Supreme Court has got to say no to it." I mean, this is at the front and center of what could derail the economy.

SCARBOROUGH: You're talking about health care reform?

CRAMER: Health care reform in general. I'm just saying, look, the issue, front and center, I want church and state separation, but whatever I want doesn't matter as much as what I'm telling you. Business leaders fear this more than anything, they don't want to hire, this is part of the underground economy that's going to develop because no one wants people on the books because of Obamacare. People have to recognize that this is a front and center issue for every CEO I deal with -- and another reason they don't want to hire here, they want to hire there. They want to put the jobs in Asia, in Mexico because they don't want to think about how much more it's going to cost to hire a new person. Don't lose that debate. That is a major debate for the economy.

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