Clinton Foundation HQ Protested For ‘Missing Money’ In Haiti Recovery

The Clinton Foundation is facing protests due to its mismanagement of resources for the post-earthquake recovery efforts of Haiti.

Five years after a disastrous earthquake ripped through the small island nation, disturbing reports of a lack of progress in the country’s recovery have angered many Haitian Americans.

The country is still in ruin. Only 900 homes have been built in the last five years even though over $10 billion was donated from the international community to help rebuild Haiti.

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The Clinton Foundation, which led fundraising efforts for the recovery, has been the focus of many protests.

One protester from Harlem said, "These people – they are still living in very difficult conditions, living in tents, while Bill Clinton and his cronies are wasting this money."

Complaints include contracts being awarded to non-Haitian companies, the capital’s main hospital still not being complete, and the rise of Cholera.

Referring to the handling of the rebuilding process, Haitian American radio station host Ricot Dupuy said,  "So much inconsistencies, so much irregularity."