Chaos in Oakland as Occupiers, Neo-Nazis Clash

Another Iran-Iraq War?

February 28, 2012

ANCHOR: Two CHP officers are recovering tonight following a violent neo-Nazi protest at the state capital. But it was not the white supremacists who wound up in handcuffs, it was the Occupy protesters that we’re talking about here.

COX: Yeah, how weird is this? The neo-Nazi group gets an A+ for award-winning, law-abiding citizenship. It is the group of Oakland Occupiers who came here to confront them that didn’t do so well. This is what happened when a group of 70, most of them from Occupy Oakland, confronted a smaller neo-Nazi group demonstrating with a permit at the state capital—and then, turned on police and CHP officers for "protecting white supremacists."

NEO-NAZI: We are here to help bring attention to the white genocide going on in South Africa. It is a racist genocide specifically targeting whites.

OCCUPY MEMBER: We don’t want racists at our capital.

OCCUPY MEMBER: I think it’s just a reason for them to come out and stir up trouble.

COX: Trouble is what happened when the neo-Nazi group’s permit to demonstrate expired at 3 o’clock this afternoon. Officers actually escorted those demonstrators to their car to keep them separated from the Occupy Oakland group.

FOX40 PHOTOGRAPHER: I could see several police officers covered in paint. I could hear bottles breaking. I saw one officer that had gone down, down the street, it looked like he’d been on a bike or something, you could see blood coming from his mouth. An ambulance came and had to bring out a stretcher.

COX: Two CHP officers hurt, one pepper-sprayed and one bleeding with an injured knee; three protesters handcuffed for inciting a riot, resisting arrest, and battery on a peace officer. None of those arrested was from the neo-Nazi group, as cops say the group was law-abiding and deserved their protection, as they exercised their right to free speech.

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