CBS: Obamacare Causing Small Businesses To Drop Insurance

ObamaCare hiking costs for employers, forcing them to drop coverage for workers

November 26, 2013

With just four days left to fulfill their promise of a fixed website, the Obama administration is scrambling to fulfill fix their other promise: ensure that millions of Americans’ insurance plans are not dropped.

One woman’s story of never ending struggles with Obamacare came to light Tuesday morning on CBS’ This Morning.

Nancy Clark, a New Hampshire small business owner, was featured in a White House Video Blog last year, touting "[The] healthcare law is about me, it’s NancyCare."

A year later, though, and it seems that Obamacare is not about Nancy- she has experienced problems with the Obamacare website and her insurance coverage has been dropped.

Clark received notice last month that her insurer would be raising her rates by 39% next year, due to Obamacare.

Unable to afford such high hikes, she turned to in hopes of enrolling the Obamacare exchange.

Clark attempted to access the website, only to encounter glitches. "We’re experiencing technical difficulties. That’s the nature of the beast" she told CBS.

Also experiencing difficulties is Betsy Atkinson, owner of a real estate company who has been forced to terminate her employees’ insurance policies, one of who is battling kidney cancer. Atkinson apologized "They’re [the employees] are going to have to find their own insurance, I’m sorry."

Despite reassurances from Jay Carney telling the nation, "Don’t…worry about anything. This conversation didn’t apply to you," mounting evidence of repeated Obamacare problems (website riddled with glitches and dropped policies) has proven that Obamacare is a failure.