Capretta: Obamacare Will Narrow Doctor, Hospital Networks

‘A lot of people will find out their doctor is not in their plan’

December 1, 2013

James Capretta, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center argued on Fox News Sunday that under Obamacare many will find their doctor and hospital options to become narrowed:

CHRIS WALLACE: Jim, is it true that the cut costs that many of these new plans under Obamacare will sharply limit your access to doctors and hospitals, much as Medicaid does today?

JAMES CAPRETTA: That's correct. Most of the plans, the silver plans and lower cost plans in the exchanges have very narrow networks. Some in Los Angeles don't include the most visited commercially based hospital systems used by commercial insurance. So, yes, the answer is this is going to feel a lot more like the Medicaid program with a narrow network of doctors, a narrow set of hospitals you can use. If you go outside that system, you pay a lot more. It is a very narrow network people are finding it’s going to be difficult frankly through the website, the website is not good enough to figure out if your doctor is in these plans, when you can figure it out, a lot of people will find out their doctor is not in their plan.

The full Obamacare discussion is available below: