Cancer Patient Will Lose Healthcare For a Month Because of Obamacare

South Carolina resident Nick Diaz, whose wife has breast cancer, joined Fox News’ On the Record Monday to discuss his family’s problems with signing up for health insurance under Obamacare, ultimately leading to their coverage being dropped.

"We tried to find coverage and every time went one direction, we were turned around and had to start trying again," Diaz said. After looking through plans, Diaz realized that the plans offered under the Affordable Care Act did not offer the doctors and hospitals he and his family were accustomed to using.

"To make matters worse," Diaz lamented,  "I found out today from the insurance agent that I was trying to work with, since we didn't get our application in this past week we'll be without coverage on January 1st."

"It is a terrible situation," Diaz said. "Strike one, we found out we couldn't keep our plan and now strike two, we can't keep our doctors and January 1st, we'll lose coverage altogether."

"For someone like me, an average guy who is accustomed to doing what is right and kept our family covered 35 years, we are married, we are at a loss of what to do."