WATCH: PBS Asks Stacey Abrams How She Can Write Novels While Saving Democracy

June 1, 2023

PBS News asked failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to open up on how she is able to write novels while balancing so many other duties.

"You are one busy woman as a public servant for so, so long," host Christiane Amanpour said. "How do you get time to write novels?"

Abrams, who lost two gubernatorial races against Georgia governor Brian Kemp (R.) in 2018 and 2022, answered that "writing is just as important" to her as her other work, like saving democracy.

Abrams has written several books, some under the genre of "romantic suspense," and a new one titled Rough Justice that tells of a young Supreme Court clerk "fighting injustices."

"I try to balance my life so that I'm tackling the issues I care about from multiple perspectives," Abrams said, adding that writing novels is particularly enjoyable because she can "kill off the people I don't like."

It's the latest example of the media's glowing coverage of Abrams, who famously refused to concede defeat in her 2018 race. The Washington Post published a long-form piece in 2020 about the "Power of Stacey Abrams."

Abrams's new projects include fighting to ban gas stoves. A federal judge in January ordered Abrams to reimburse Georgia for legal fees over a frivolous election lawsuit.

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