Report: Just 14 Percent of Stacey Abrams's Fundraising Haul Came From Georgia Residents

Donors in California, New York, and Washington, D.C.

July 15, 2022

Stacey Abrams has raised almost $50 million for her gubernatorial campaign in Georgia. Just $7 million (14 percent) of that fundraising haul came from residents of that state, however, according to an analysis by Washington Free Beacon alum Lachlan Markay.

Nearly half the money raised by Abrams's campaign and leadership committee ($22.7 million) came from donors in three deep-blue states and one liberal territory that wants to be a state but never will: California ($10.2 million), Washington, D.C. ($6.4 million), New York ($3.6 million), and Delaware ($2.5 million). The result is not entirely surprising given that Abrams recently described Georgia as "the worst state in the country to live."

Those astonishing figures stand in stark contrast to the fundraising numbers posted by Abrams's opponent, Gov. Brian Kemp (R., Ga.), who has raised most of his campaign funds from in-state donors. More than 83 percent of the $31.5 million raised by Kemp's campaign and leadership committee came from Georgia residents, the analysis found.

Axios reports, smartly and briefly:

If the trend holds, Abrams would be the only Georgia gubernatorial nominee from either party since at least the 1990s to receive a majority of campaign funds from out of state, according to an Axios analysis of campaign finance records.

Abrams, a dangerous election truther who committed violence against our democracy by falsely declaring herself the winner of the 2018 gubernatorial election, is widely expected to lose to Kemp again in November.